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A Special Message for Ms. Russell's Summer Class!

Hello everyone! This is Codi, the owner of Valley Horse News, and I am very happy to give a big shout out to you all. I want to commend every single one of you on your wonderful research about horses and I hope you are enjoying learning about them. 


Horses are amazing animals and there are so many interesting facts and information you can find on them from their unique biology and evolution to their history helping people day to day. 


I was informed that a student by the name of Kaitlin found a great article on tack and gear for horses. I am honored to present a link to this article here on the website to help inform other readers and horse lovers about this information. 


Thank you for bringing this article to Valley Horse News, and always remember that help and friends can come from unlikely places, if you only have the courage to look for them. Also, give your teacher and everyone that is apart of your program a big Thank You! 


Have fun with the rest of your learning and research, and enjoy your exciting field trip!  


colorful horse graphic



Tack and Gear - Outfitting Your Horse